New adrenaline activities in Bovec

Hydrospeed Bovec

The various outdoor activities are frequently the best options to really use your free time for unforgettable experiences and memories, especially if you’re vacationing at a destination that is famous for all kinds of adrenaline activities. If that’s you, your next destination should be Bovec – a paradise for adventurers and explorers looking for attractive outdoor activities. Some new and unique options will be very attractive to experienced adventurers that can’t easily find interesting new challenges otherwise.

Hydrospeed Bovec

Hydrospeed is an interesting choice, competing with two much more popular activities on the Soca river, rafting and kayaking. Bovec has an easy reach of several entry points so you can expect different activities on the river – it’s partly reserved for kayaks and rafts, but there is definitely enough place for hydrospeed Bovec will provide the best possible experience for adventurers that want to try their skills on this kind of a vessel. It offers a completely different experience than kayaking or rafting – you’re partially submerged and much more relied on your own body and skills with hydrospeed. Bovec is fortunately prepared for all kinds of adventurers, even beginners, so you’ll have a chance to discover this activity in a safe and enjoyable way.

Bovec canyoning

An interesting choice might be Bovec canyoning, which is also very attractive for visitors who want to avoid the crowds. Canyoning is a great way to discover the nature and enjoy the environment we frequently take for granted. That’s especially prominent with Bovec canyoning, which will take you into some of the less known and explored canyons and gorges of the Soca river’s tributaries. Again, you’re sure to have a safe and pleasant experience, thanks to the professional guides that will guide you on your tour down the canyon.