Rafting Soca

Soca river is the most beautiful river in Slovenia. Summers on the river are full of life. There is so much to do and so much to see, so visitors from all over the country and even foreigners come in masses to try everything the fantastic Soca offers. Soca is a home to many indigenous species of fish and other freshwater animals. Particularly famous is the Soca trout which attract a number of local fishermen. Probably the most famous are the thrilling sports adventures on the water. You can go rafting Soca or take a stroll with a Soca river kayak. Rafting Soca as well as taking a ride with a Soca river kayak are probably the activities that attract the most foreigners. They come to Slovenia from all over the world just to take part in some of the fun on the river. Besides rafting Soca and having fun in a Soca river kayak, many decide to swim in the river – or tan on the river beds, since the water might be too cold for some of them. The bravest, however, can dive in the green depths from the rocks that are often found near the river or even go scuba diving to see all the flora and fauna the environment offers. Not only is the river great for different sports that take place inside the water, it can be excellent for activities that take place beside the water. The grass near the river banks is great for amazing picnics with a glamorous view. There are many beautiful paths nearby as well, all of them perfect for a leisurely walk or a relaxing run. Yes, the summers at the river are wonderful. This year, you can join as well. You will certainly not regret it.