The best starting point for expeditions on the Soca River

Rafting Soca

There are many ways to explore the Soca River, but only a limited selection of viable starting points that can really make the whole experience pleasant and convenient. With this in mind, the best starting point will be for rafting and kayak Bovec – not only because of the perfect location, but also due to a well-developed tourist offer.

There are many variables to consider when choosing the best starting point for expedition on the Soca River. First of them, is the location even suitable for embarking on an expedition in a raft or kayak? Bovec definitely passes this test. It offers several attractive put in points along the river, offering various experiences from slow scenic floating to wild drops down the rapids. What’s more, the entry points are conveniently located near the town and transport is usually offered for organized tours. For rafting and kayak, Bovec offers great options to start.

What about the experience on the water? For both kayak and rafting, Soca can offer very different experiences depending on the location. Not only in terms of difficulty or thrill, but also in terms of surroundings. The whole river in its upper part is amazing, but there are more and less picturesque sections. For explorers kayaking and rafting, Soca is open to exploration – Bovec is one option, but others are just as attractive, with Kobarid being the other popular choice. The difference here comes to prominence with experienced kayakers and rafters that are seeking new adventures and remote parts of the river. If you have enough time for kayaking and rafting, Soca can be an inextinguishable source of new adventures with something unique and exciting every time, no matter the location. It’s worth trying different expeditions to really get into the spirit of the river adventures.